Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What If Something Were To Happen?

Nothing like opening your eyes after witnessing a nightmare and realizing it was all just a dream.  Shew!  That was me this morning and talk about waking up suddenly, oh my gosh. 

The nightmare was so real.  We were in an apartment like structure at the beach and the waves continued to get bigger and bigger.  The coast was covered with water, which is normal for the Delaware beaches during high tide.  People around were taking picture because the sea foam was blowing on shore.  There were a bunch of crazies in the water trying to "catch a wave".  At first we were standing outside the complex and when we realized the water was getting closer we casually walked inside and headed up to the room.  For whatever reason, Nolan was upstairs in the room playing with his uncle.  Upon walking up the last flight of steps, I saw Nolan crawling on the ground trying to get down the steps.  After my heart was in my throat, I realized that his uncle was there playing and crawling with him.  We got ready to head back up to the room and that's when it happened. 

I heard people outside yell "it's coming.. hurry up".  The sound of people screaming and running to high ground was incredible, that was all you could hear.  The sound of the waves had stopped, no birds chirping, no breeze blowing.  Mother nature had silenced herself.  You could however, feel the ground shaking, the floor moving beneath our feet, and the windows were shattering.  I remember hearing a voice counting down "Five, Four.."  I recall reaching into some sort of organizer and grabbing for a key and a cell phone.  And then I remember swimming, swimming as fast as I could to reach the top.

The wave had crashed and covered everything.  After the water retracted I realized I was back in our room.  Nolan was in his car seat (not sure how that happened) and everything was soaked and covered in sand.  The cell phone I grabbed was working, but I realized quickly it wasn't mine.  Mine wouldn't allow me to view anything, as the screen was destroyed by the water.  I started going through stuff and I remember finding photos, all which were destroyed. 

Then... I woke up. 

Wow, talk about waking up and appreciating everything that you have.  Yea, that was me this morning.  Thanking God for allowing me to have all my possessions with me, my family, our memories, even small things that I always take for granted.

I think the dream was a result of watching too much Doomsday Preppers last night.  But after "living through this nightmare" it honestly has me second guessing.  What if something were to happen??

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