Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day

Sometimes it is the smallest, unplanned moments that melt your heart the most.  There were several of those today.  After a rough start to the week with typical two year old melt downs and infant cries, today was a snow day.  Just as when we were little, I still look forward to snow days.  I love the snow.  Watching it pile up on the ground as it falls gracefully from the skies... love it!  The white untouched snow covering everything in sight, my favorite sight in all the seasons.  But best of all is being able to live a snow day through the eyes of a child. 

Though Nolan had been sick much of the day yesterday and still had a slight fever this morning, I bundled him up and took him outside.  We waited for the lull in the storm.  There was nothing falling from the sky when we were out, it was just the ground covered 10"+ in heavy wet snow.  Getting out the door was hilarious.  "No, no" was all he kept saying.  We couldn't open the door because the snow was so high and he was saying no because it wasn't supposed to be like that. 

Once outside he marveled in the amount of snow on the ground.  We went for a walk and quickly turned around because the snow was blowing and slapping him in his face. 

We decided to walk into the middle of the yard and we just sat there.  We sat in the snow and laughed and giggled.  He was eating the snow and I was taking pictures.  His little nose was running and his cheeks were beat red, but that didn't phase him.  He just enjoyed the snow, as a kid should! 

Mr. Runny Nose
The snow has continued throughout the day and to be honest it is STILL snowing out there.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and for us another snow day.  I have hyped him up all night about going to play in the snow tomorrow and seriously I can't wait.  Whether it be the beauty, the pureness, or the chance to be little again..... there is something about the snow that puts life into perspective.

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